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 Dengzhou hong da antirust materials co., LTD is located in dengzhou QiLiDian economic zone,207National highway。Covers an area of28m,The total investment600Ten thousand yuan,Set the compound、Coating、Cutting、Production in a body,Annual production capacity800Tons。
  Dengzhou hong da antirust materials co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of gas phase anti-rust paper co., LTD,The product industry standardsQB1319—91,Using the American military standardMIL-I-3430BAnd Japanese industrial specificationsHS-2-1535Production,By the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of metallurgy, the test of the metal corrosion and protection technology center in Shanghai,In mechanical industry“jB/T4051-1999The gas phase anti-rust paper technical conditions”Standard。And passedIS09001:2000The international quality management system certification,SGSThe eu environmental protection system certification。
  Our company is a member of the anti-rust association of China、Alibaba trustpass members,And relying on the domestic related research institutes as a technical backing。All employees through technical training mount guard after operation,Special process and engineering technical personnel control,Ensure that the product quality standard。Distinguished at the same time enjoy the state council special allowance of rust industry experts as technical advisers。
  The company equipment is advanced,Strong technical force,Always adhere to the“Is the quality of life、The user is god”The management idea。In order to good、Stability、Reliable quality、The right price、Enthusiasm and thoughtful service by the customers trust and support。
  Products are widely used:Beijing、Guangdong、Shandong、Zhejiang、Jiangsu、Shiyan、In many companies in xi 'an。

  Warmly welcome new and old customers coming guidance,Business negotiations、Sincere cooperation、Common development。




Cast iron platform installation considerations

 A、Yingkou cast iron platform supporting points cushion、The cushion flat,To make sure every point force uniform,Ensure the whole cast iron plate smooth。


Cars rust7Coup Effectively prevent the oxidation of the car rusting

Skills1:Alert to fine point small scars  Often appear car paint surface rust,In addition to the common collision、The scratch,Driving a tyre pop-up small stones in the paint,Also can cause a small peeling paint,Time is long can produce rusty spot。But most of these small scars because in the small place,Easy to miss。So,At ordinary times to regularly check body,Engine hatch and around the body,Once found will be timely to professional salon for processing。


The principle of rustproof packaging technology

According to the different corrosion medium,Can be divided into atmospheric corrosion、Sea water corrosion、Corrosion of underground、Bacteria corrosion, etc。Encountered in packaging engineering is one of the most atmospheric corrosion。Corrosion for metal materials and products have serious damage。According to the test,If steel corrosion1%,Its strength will reduce5%~10%,Thin plate is more easily lost use value due to corrosion perforation。Metal products for the loss caused by corrosion is far more than the value of material used。


What is the cause of corrosion?

Hong da anti-rust paper today to tell you about:Is there are many reasons for metal rust corrosion,One of the main reason is that may be metal in storage、In the process of transport and use,Due to the environment and the water vapor in the air、Oxygen、The effects of various ingredients such as acid and alkali salt and carbide。Metal at a certain temperature and humidity conditions,Physical and chemical changes will happen,So that the metal rust corrosion reactions。The corrosion of the metal will cause the metal structure change,Some metal parts will lose working ability because of the rust。That is to say,Metal contact with moist air or electrolyte solution to oxidize reaction occurs。




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